ACPAS provides Credit Providers with customized online-lending solutions!

Our Theme Studio websites are developed specifically for you, fully customizable and fully integrated with ACPAS, our all-inclusive Loan Management System. A Theme Studio website comes with the complete integrated solution and handles the entire loan cycle from loan application, credit veting, loan management and repayment - All in one solution.

ACPAS is also the perfect tool for any branch based loan business or for branches that want their clients to have online access to their products and services.

Our software is web-based and Credit providers can control their businesses from anywhere at any time. You are now in control of the entire loan cycle in one solution, giving you the freedom to control your business and risk appetite, within business-driven adjustable parameters form anywhere!

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Please note that these are only approximate figures. All rates are calculated on a daily basis as stipulated by the National Credit Regulator. Please request a quote from us to determine the actual repayment amount and installment(s) should you wish to apply for a loan.